Highlands To Scale Back in Germany by Sheryl Lin-Sarkisian

Posted on November 15, 2018

We regretfully announce that we will be scaling back operations in Germany, effective immediately.

Germany is just not a great place to do business.

CEO Sheryl Lin-Sarkisian

The recent EMA recall has put Highlands in a difficult place. We love our wonderful drugs and how they help people, but the EMA leaves us no choice. We will be exiting the European market, and Europe for that matter, immediately.

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Farroqh Bulsara
So my doctor told me to stop taking your drug. I used to play soccer, i used to be a premed student and now I have to drop out and go back to Germany.
Darryl Flynn-Markesian
Farroqh, you really shouldn't say such mean things about an honest American company. Dypreza is still approved in the U.S. and it was approved by the EMA until just recently. Do you smoke? did your doctor properly test your lungs? who's your doctor?